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The Living Cornerstone is a public benefit and a non-profit organization that cares for Alzheimer sufferers in a supportive home environment.

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Gawie's Story This story is from a young woman. My father was diagnosed with Dementia at the age of 58. He moved in with me in July 2008 and his medical decline was quite...
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Sweet Rose and Joe. If only. Sweet Rose. Rose (88) was lovingly cared for by her ageing husband until the day she died. The only income they had was his state pension. If only the...
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What a pity Another resident, a Xhosa lady's has only 1 daughter  who wanted to take her out of TLC because we asked her to pay for her incontinent supplies. TLC would not allow...
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Another sad story. This 71 yrs old is not the only sad story. TLC was asked to take this lady into our care. During the day while the family were at work she was left with a...
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We try our best An 86 year old with one sister and no financial means, TLC could not refuse to take her in. We cared for her at no charge for three months before she died. At the...
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Alzheimer's Caregivers Support Group ALZHEIMER'S CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP Meet every last Saturday of the month. In our support group we learn to laugh again. We laugh...
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About THE LIVING CORNERSTONE (TLC) Alzheimer's Homes

Vision - Hope for the future, gives power to make a difference and create a firm foundation for the present.

Mission Statement - Our aim is to provide a loving homely secure environment and to create dignity and independence as far as possible for all our residents irrespective of race, colour or creed.

The Living Cornerstone was born from a vision in February 2008. It all started through another project - delivering meals to the needy old and frail people in our community. During these years we came across a number of underprivileged / lower income groups of people at various stages of Alzheimer's disease. These folk were living on there own and not coping too well. Their bodies were fed but what about their minds? There was no stimulation.  They were lonely and insecure. Due to the financial constraints of the families involved, the cost of getting a caregiver in to look after their loved one's was beyond their means, which meant that these elderly folk were often left on their own during the day.  Some of these folk wandered off and got lost. Some were confined to a locked up house or even worse a locked room. Some even showed signs of sexual abuse. We have come across many sad cases in our little village alone and there are many more out there that we do not know about.

Alzheimer's is a debilitating disease for the sufferer as well as their family and caregiver. It is not easy to accept that your loved one will be there in body but not in mind.  It is hard to think that someone you have known all your life will eventually not know who you are. The Living Cornerstone is there to help one cope with the inevitable mental and physical deteriation and to lighten the load for the family. We provide a secure residential environment were sufferers are cared for in a loving homely atmosphere. A a real "home from home" ambience.

The Living Cornerstone is run by a dedicated committee consisting of a Chair Person, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraiser, Doctors, qualified registered Nursing Sister, Accountant, Legal Advisor and 2 other members. We meet once a month, or more frequently as the need arises.

Although our homes are run on Godly principles, we are non-sectarian and accept anyone of any race, religion, culture or financial strata. A strict daily routine for the residents is in place as routine is essential for the wellbeing our residents. This includes daily walks twice a day with a caregiver outside of the fenced property. This is to enable the residents to integrate with the community and to get the exercise they still need. There are a total of 37 caregiver's who are selected from the local community and sent for the specialized training Athat is needed.


Currently we have 3 houses in the village of Sedgefield. 2 are rented and the 3rd house is rent free in lieu of the Landlord's reletive who is a resident at TLC. Our first house was opened in May 2013. The 2nd house in December 2013 and the third house opened in May 2014. We have a total of 22 residents in 24 hour care, and a waiting list that keeps growing. It is clear that there is an urgent need for Alzheimer care for people who cannot afford the high cost of private care. A 4th and 5th house is desperately needed, but we have a dream. A residential village for Alzheimer sufferer's similar to Hogeweg where folk of a similar outlook live together.

Our only drawback is lack of finances. It is a BIG VISION, which will cost from R50 000 000.00 upwards to see into fruition, but we are confident that this will become a reality.

To be able to run our homes effectively, The Living Cornerstone being a Public Benefit Organisation relies on prayer, faith, donations, and sponsorship and fundraising events.

We appreciate all the help we receive from the community in and around Sedgefield and Knysna, but patrons from all around the country are most welcome. Any, and all donations of bedding, toiletries, food, furniture and money are most welcome. Any sponsors/sponsorships will be most appreciated.


The Living Cornerstone's long term plan is to be on a farm. This will be divided into 3 sections and will be built up in 3 phases.

Phase 1:          The Alzheimer’s homes. (This is the main function for The Living Cornerstone)

Phase 2:          Tunnel aand other types of farming. (To help TLC to be self sufficient)

Phase 3:          Cottages (for the old folk who can't look after themselves and are unable to afford the cost of an old age home.)                 

There is much more that we have envisaged for the future of The Living Cornerstone. For indepth information of what the future holds for TLC please contact Gilda Scammell 084 544 1203, or email

THE LIVING CORNERSTONE being a registered Non Profit Organization 169-778 and a Public Benefits Organization N°. 930038731. iIn terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act 1962 all donations and sponsorships are tax deductible. A tax donation certificate will be issued on request.

Small beginnings produce mighty works.