Another sad story.

This 71 yrs old. She is not the only sad story. TLC was asked to take this lady into our care. During the day while the family were at work she was left with a neighbour who was an alcoholic. She was either locked up in a shack or left to roam the streets while her carer went to the shebeen. Her behavior the 1st night she was with us was typical of sexual abuse. Even after 6 months she still got historical when she was undressed to have a bath or get ready for bed. Unfortunately/fortunately she did not remember what happened but associated getting undressed with what the boys did to her.  

She reached the stage in Alzheimer's where she could not communicate or feed herself and was totally incontinence. She was one of the many who only got a state pension. TLC supplied her toiletries and incontinence necessities etc with the current economy of day would have amounted to over R3500 per month.