Our Projects

We have projects to make the home better for the patients and the staff

Our big projects are planned a year in advance by our marketing and fundraising team and smaller projects will be taken on as the opportunity arises.

The aim of the projects is to put us in a position where we can upgrade our equipment and furniture on a regular basis.

The team has surrounded them with people who unconditionally give their time and resources and work together towards a unified goal and for this we are sincerely grateful.

One of our recent projects was to acquire a recliner chair for each resident which we have successfully achieved.

At the moment we are in the process of replacing our hospital beds with brand new hospital beds.

Your support is appreciated

We will appreciate any support offered to The Living Cornerstone and you are invited to contact our Facility Manager, Marietjie Digue, on 082 428 0639 to discuss this.

Method of support

  • Volunteer care workers
  • Artisans
  • Suppliers
  • Financial contributors
  • Planners
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