Our services are based on caring for patients that suffers from Dementia

At The Living Cornerstone, we provide the following services:


The Living Cornerstone takes safety very seriously. Our residents are not only kept safe from outside threats but care is also taken to ensure that residents don’t harm themselves by losing balance or accidentally falling while moving.

Medical Care

Registered Sisters are always on duty to ensure that the correct medical care is given to the residents. Strict measures are in place to be certain that each resident takes the correct medicine at the appropriate times.


The in-house laundry plays a vital role in providing clean bedding and clothing items every day. Measures are in place to ensure that there are always clean linen and clothes available to each resident.

Balanced Meal Planning

Meals are prepared every day by an appointed cook. Our menus are planned by a registered dietician. Three meals are provided to residents on a daily basis. Caregivers also help the residents with feeding, if needed.

Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is vital for the health of our residents. Each room is cleaned every day of the week. If accidents happen, care is taken to clean the accident on the spot. 

Trained Care Givers

Caregivers are trained individuals that has a passion for assisting frail people. Further in-house training and assistance is also provided by qualified nurses.

Outbound Care-at-home

The Living Cornerstone also provides Care for private residents at their own homes. Please contact the Facility Manager to enquire about the services that are rendered.

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