Our Supporters

We have supporters from all aspects of life.

Our supporters help us with tasks in and around the house. Whenever a helping hand is needed, we know that we can rely on at least one supporter who will assist us. We are grateful for each hand and skill that gives their time and expertise to assist us to be better and stronger. 

If you would be interrested in becoming a supporter of The Living Cornerstone, please contact the Facility Manager and offer your service. We appreciate any service that you offer to assist us to make the home a better place.

Your support is appreciated

Each supporter has a role to play in the upliftment and maintenance of our home. The residents and workers rely on your help and expertise.

We will appreciate any support offered to The Living Cornerstone and you are invited to contact our Facility Manager, Marietjie Digue, on 082 428 0639 to discuss this.

Method of support

  • Volunteer care workers
  • Artisans
  • Suppliers
  • Financial contributors
  • Planners
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